Hope Is More Than a Number

By now, many have figured out or are quickly coming to the realization that hope cannot be defined by or contained within a date. 2020, 2021 and even 2999 are just spaces in time and hope is but a passing, useful fiction if not infused with purpose. And if our purpose (as it has for so many) dwindled to chasing happiness and/or pleasure, I’m afraid hope has found an elusive anchor. Because even in the best times, lasting happiness isn’t guaranteed. Hope can only be an assurance when grounded in the eternal.

Therefore, we’re left with a Creator because something cannot come from nothing and anything having been made is temporal. And if our purpose is tied to a Creator, it’s the Creator that defines the parameters of hope. That being said, we’re only left with a handful of options and only one presents a coherent explanation for our reality. Fortunately, within this worldview, we were left with a tangible account of God coming to man because we could not go to Him considering our fallen nature.

Jesus is the only place where hope can be grounded. Knowing Him infuses hope with purpose. And as we’ve discovered, it has to be more than the next number on the calendar.


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