Decision Time

You may remember the story in Matthew 22 (I probably only would if someone reminded me.) of one of the Sadducees encounters with Jesus.  They asked him a few Sudoku-type questions about the heavenly status of a wife of multiple brothers, the greatest commandment and who “the Christ’s” father was; all designed to trap him.  Jesus provided some astounding answers and the last verse in the chapter says, “And no one was able answer him a word, nor from that day did anyone dare to ask him any more questions.”

I don’t believe they didn’t ask him because they were defeated over some point of debate or because they were embarrassed.  I think they didn’t ask any more questions because their questions had been satisfied and they were faced with the truth.

There comes a point in any argument when there’s a long pause of silence and someone’s status changes from Defender of Positions to Reluctant Listener.  It happens to me a lot with my wife.  Faith is a very good debater but her greatest asset in debate is honing in on the truth.  And unless a person is ignorant or just wants to be ignorant to avoid losing, they know when it’s game over.  At that point, you’re faced with a decision.  You either keep defending a losing position, go dark (like the Sadducees) or surrender to the truth.

I admit it’s hard when we’re confronted with the reality of Jesus.  Mostly because we immediately realize the gap that exists between our insufficiency and His holiness.  We realize just how unclean we really are and that a change is required.  I think the most miserable people in the world have seen truth and turn the blind eye in an effort to live out the “ignorance is bliss” mantra.

Easter’s coming and for people who may not know, Jesus paved the way we were insufficient to pave.  He carried all our sin to the cross only only rise in victory and restore our relationship with a righteous God.  If we accept Him, all that’s left is a life of gratitude.  Our lives become a “living sacrifice” of worship in honor to the only one able to bridge that gap.  If it’s decision time for you, as the knight said in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, “Choose wisely.”


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