Bully From Afar

It brings me great comfort to see someone of Paul’s personality used in a big way by God.  You can just read the internal conflict in many of his letters.  And sometimes it’s manifested externally as in 2 Corinthians 10.  He’s having to bring some hard truths to the folks in Corinth.  And as we’ve all learned in the social media age, it’s easier to be bold and (at the same time) hard to convey sentiment with the pen/keyboard.  He’s being accused of being a bully from a distance and timid in person.

As I mentioned in my opening statement, this makes me feel GREAT about myself.  God didn’t choose the ultimate human to write 3/4’s of the New Testament.  He chose a guy with great strengths and great weaknesses.  And Paul even learned to boast in his weakness because he knew the greatest strength comes from surrender.  I think the comfort is that he learned.

I want to learn to look at things from a new perspective.  At some point, when hardships arise, I’d love to be able see them as an opportunity rather than an obstacle to be overcome.  I want to look at people with new eyes.  I’d love to be able to see them as God’s creation; greatly flawed but greatly loved.  I want to see their potential not their problems.

I went to a funeral for a beloved Pastor at our church in the recent past.  His son’s main point was to emphasize that the many we knew was not the man he knew growing up.  His dad had allowed Christ to transform him into something glorious.  That’s the legacy I want.  And it’s never to late to learn.


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