A Brief Scare

Most of the time I blog on my thoughts as they come to me in devotional time or elsewhere. Today, it’s more personal in nature. Feel free to check out now if that’s not in your wheelhouse. Or on second thought, it may be God is trying to stretch you in that area, so stick around. Follow the Spirit.

This past weekend, I took part in a men’s retreat hosted by our church. It was packed full of masculine activity: shooting guns, racing go-carts, playing ping pong, etc.  And best of all-worship.  It was a blast.

About 20 mins into the ride home, I started to feel a numbing, tingling sensation and a downward pull on the right side of my face. I thought for a split second about pulling over but it subsided and I drove the next hour towards home. I chalked it up to one of those instances when your eyes get tired and start to twitch.

I met Faith and the kids for lunch and shortly before she got there, it started again. I waited until the end of the meal to say something because I still wasn’t giving it much thought. I finally told her what was happening and I could tell by the look in her eyes that something was wrong.

When I got in my truck, I saw it. The right side of my face wasn’t responding when I tried to move it. I immediately started to look up potential causes and the first thing to pop up was stroke. It mentioned even if it turned out to be Bell’s Palsy, I should go get checked out. So we did. On the way to the hospital, my right arm went numb. My first reaction was to tell Faith I loved her and remind her where everything was in the case the worse was to happen.

When we got to the ER, they ran me through stroke protocol and had me in a room in about 5 minutes. They ran all the tests and it was determined neither to be a stroke or Bell’s Palsy. They gave it a diagnosis of TIA (mini-stroke) only because they really didn’t know what to say.

Today, the symptoms of the episode are almost completely gone.  And we’re almost certain now as to what the cause may have been and can make adjustments to ensure it doesn’t happen again. It was odd to say the least but a very staunch reminder of how fleeting life can be. I can’t say I had some massive “aha” moment. Honestly, Faith probably took the biggest hit out of the situation.

I do know, however, this is one of many spiritual attacks Faith and I have experienced in the recent past. We’ve had attacks on our finances, our relationship and our bodies in just a few weeks time. At this point, you may be feeling this is a bit spooky for you. It would have been for me at one time as well. There comes a point in time though when it becomes very apparent.

We certainly haven’t done anything to deserve it. In fact, we’re probably both living at the greatest level of faith we’ve been at since we married. I suspect that’s why we’ve become a target. It’s nothing we won’t be able to face together with Christ at our side but it definitely is and has been a frustrating and trying time. If you’re experiencing the same, don’t feel alone in your struggles. And know there is a Sustainer behind you in the midst of the hardship.


2 thoughts on “A Brief Scare

  1. Bernie, thanks for sharing this scary moment in your life. I’ve had a couple of health issues this year where my mind naturally looked at mortality. Sally had a mild heart attack late June, It does make us think (again naturally) that we need to make sure our relationships are right with God, family, friends that we regularly tell them we love them and that we have our finances and insurances in order, a will etc.

    I trust that this occurrence for you was a one-off and that you will not have this scare again. Here’s you, a young, buff, fit guy where nobody would expect any health issue to be a problem. It may be a time to get a full body check up just to relieve your mind and your family’s peace of mind.

    It could have been a spiritual attack on a guy who is fulfilling God’s purpose in his life, just to get his mind and thoughts centered on himself and his issues, and to unsettle his family. If so, I come against you Satan, in Jesus name, and tell, you to flee and that you have no right nor power to attack Bernie. Give up and get lost through the blood of Jesus.

    Cheers, and have a great day.

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